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    Omitting Blank Records in a Report



      Omitting Blank Records in a Report


           Hi everybody,

           I'm a new filemaker user and may be asking a rookie question!

           I have created a report from my database and want it to print, but omitting the blank fields from the report. How is this done?

           If you have a look at the attached image, the table should only be populated if there is a date entered by the user otherwise the field should not be in the report. 



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               And which field of those shown would that be? Do you want to omit the entire record or just slide things up to omit the space taken up by the empty field if it is blank?

               Both can be done.

               You can omit entire records by performing a find. If you put a lone * in a field, the find will find all records that have data in that field, omitting those where the field is empty.

               And if you just need to close up unused space taken up by an empty field, you can enter layout mode, select that field and all layout objects (even graphic objects) and set them to Slide Up, Resize Enclosing Part in the Inspector's position tab.