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Omitting dates

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 5, 2013
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Omitting dates



     I am interested in omitting date ranges while an employee is in training, sick away, etc.  Here is the

Relationship View:




     Consists of Employee Name, Manager, Employee ID, StartDate (global), EndDate(global) and Calculation fields that provide a range of "Metrics" from Stats and Call Quality.

     Consists of employee ID, dates that the employee worked, how many customer surveys they received, the grades of these surveys, how long the employee was on calls, how long they were on break, etc.

     Consists of employee ID, dates a call was analyzed, and a call ID.  The call ID is a unique number given to a call.  Sort of like a case id.

     Call quality
     This holds values (1-10) for certain skills.(CustomerSkills, TechSkills, ListeningSkills, etc)


     Employee to Stats

     Employee to Calls

     Calls to Call Quality
     CallID = CallID


     I currently have a layout in form view that I enter the start and end dates and it gives me the metrics for an employees that I perform a find on.  I also have a layout in list view that gives me a list of all employees.

     I am looking to have a table of start and end dates for an employee of dates that I'd wish to exclude.  This would have employeeID, start, end, note.  For instance, John Doe was training 1/1/13 to 1/2/13 and was sick from 1/13/13 to 1/15/13.  I do not want these dates to be included in the two layouts mentioned.

     I am having difficulty determining how to incorporate these into the layouts.  Please note, I cannot combine States or Calls.