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    omitting fields in a report



      omitting fields in a report


      Brand new newbie in need of help. I have a vast database of recordings and want to create a report listing them all.  However I don't need to list the composer and title fields for every recording where they are the same - for instance Composer =Beethoven and Title = Symphony No.1.  I need to list the composer and title once, and then - omitting those two fields - all the different recordings I have under that heading.  At the moment I can only list all the recordings with the composer and title repeated every time.  Must be simple, surely?

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          Sounds like you just need to use grouping when creating your report. The report wizard will walk you through that easily. Try it and if you need further help give us a shout here.  =)

          Grouping will group all like data and I believe will achieve what you are trying to achieve.  ;)

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            Very many thanks - I haven't got very far.  Grouping seems to be making no difference at all!  But I am very new to this and doing it all wrong I'm sure.  I have over 5,000 entries in my catalogue, which used to run with dBase II.  I've managed to transfer the table across fine, but displaying it the way I want is proving difficult.  If I can cut out a line (and present a less cluttered picture) by eliminating repetitions of the composer and title for the same piece I will save something like 50 pages in a catalogue that is currently running to nearly 300.  I am trying to set it up so that the composer field and the title field are on one line of the report (layout) and the other six fields on the next two lines.  It is unnecessary to repeat the composer and title for a dozen different recordings of the same piece, and this is what I am trying to eliminate.

            I'm sure it's obvious - not yet to me!

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              Create a layout with a body part showing the final detailed fields you want - the 'different recording data'. Create a leading sub-summary part above the body part and put there the composer and title fields, side by side.  Define the sub-summary as 'When sorted by Title'.

              Sort the found records by Composer, Title.

              You will see a header with the Composer and Title, and then below it all the recordings of that work.  You can list them in columns if you want.

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                Brilliant Sorbsbuster- thank you!!  solved that problem, but now I don't have the ability to do a find based on the composer or the title, or both -  say I want to find all the recordings of symphonies by Tchaikovsky.  The Composer and Title fields are not present when I click the find button.

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                  You could create one layout with all the fields on it - in a nice user-friendly form view.  Do the find there.  Then have a button to print the list.  Have that button freeze the window, then go to the print-specific layout you've just created, sort the records correctly, set the page up, print, and bring the user back to their friendly layout.

                  You could also have a list view for the user to browse which is just the same as your original all-fields-listed design, but still take them invisibly to the printer-friendly one.

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                    Two layouts - the perfect answer.  I haven't worked out the freeze button etc yet, but I will be able to after your guidance - many thanks.  In fact I am basically where I need to be now - I only need to print when I print the whole catalogue, which is very rare.  The sub set sorts are I need are when I am trying to locate recordings of a particular piece of music, and for that I need only a screen sort.  But thank you very much for your help

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                      The Freeze Window is a script step available under the 'Windows' section.  BTW you don't have to 'Unfreeze' the window when the script finished, it will do that automatically.

                      I would suggest some touches you could add:

                      - on your on-screen listing make the column headers in blue and attach a script to each of them that sorts it the way you would want: one for Composer and Work, one for Title, and Recording, etc.

                      - you can add several sub-summaries to  the  same layout, which can be used and abused two different ways:

                      - you can sort by two criteria and have it broken by Composer, then Title - then a listing of all the recordings of that title.

                      - you can make the same layout function for listings summarised by Title, and also a listing summarised by Composer (sorry if my examples aren't sensible).  If your first sort does not include Composer, then you will only see the break by Title.  If your second sort does not include Title (in the sort criteria) then it will only show a break after each composer. In other words you can have many sub-summary parts on the same layout, but they will only show if their break-field is included in that particular sort at the time