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Omitting records based on a checkbox...

Question asked by buck_5648798798 on Jan 29, 2013
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Omitting records based on a checkbox...


     The database I'm working on has a report that shows earning of each artist type associated with the company.

     For example: Photographer, Stylist, Makup.

     The users wants the ability to omit an artist type when running the report.

     I want to have a checkbox for each artist type. When checked the artist type is omitted from the report.

     I've tried:

     if [Invoices::Photographer Omit Checkbox  = "Yes"]

     Constrain Found Set (set to omit photographers)

     End If

     The Constrain Found Set part works regardless of the checkbox being checked or not.

     I basically want to turn "Constrain Found Set" on or off based on the checkbox..