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    Omitting records from find



      Omitting records from find


      My database has 2600 records with three key fields: Key 1 has "s" for spouses, Key 2 has "a" for dues paid members & Key 3 has "g" for registered for gathering.  I do a sort on Key 2 "a" and come up with 642 members.  From that I want to eliminate Key 3 "g" of which there are 157 and Key 1 "s" which has 248.  I did it manually by going through the 640 using "Omit record" "Ctl T" on each one but there must be an easier way to do this, especially when I will have to work with more than 640 records in the initial find.  Your help will be appreciated.

      Andy (Svenska Woodworker)

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          Howdy Andy,


          I'm assuming you're looking for a quicker but still manual way:


          Enter Find mode

          type "g" into Key 3

          choose "New Record/Request

          type "s" into Key 1

          hit enter       result = most of the records you Dont want

          Choose "Show omitted only"   result = records you might want

          Enter find mode

          type "a" into key 2

          choose "Constrain found set"

          hit enter     result = only the records you want :)


          If this is something you do often, you might want to write a script for it.  Scripting has "Omit Records" as an option to omit multiple records based on a criteria.


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            Thanks for your reply, it worked - I got what I wanted.

            Thanks again,