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Omitting Tax from My Total...

Question asked by paintboothguy on Jan 25, 2010
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Omitting Tax from My Total...


Hello All, 

I have an Invoice Layout wherein I  Have a field that calculates sales tax at the bottom of the Invoice.  When I sell products out of state, I do not charge this tax.  Is there a way to place a 'clickable or checkable' box next to the field label that will return a value of '0' when checked?


the formula for the sales tax field is currently :

Round ( Extended Price*.0825 ; 2 )


the formula for the total field is currently:

Sub Total + Line Items::Sales Tax + Freight + Installation



Is there a way to generate a new Layout by copying everything from an existing layout?  Example:  I have an Invoice Layout, and now I need to make a P.O. Layout.  They will be virtually the same, except wholesale values will be reported instead of retail values.  It would save a ton of time if it was possible!