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On a LAN, 1 User Cannot Print, 5 Others Can

Question asked by RayMentor on Feb 26, 2009
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On a LAN, 1 User Cannot Print, 5 Others Can


Stumped on this one.


I have a client with a simple FM9 database on a PC network at a university where all 6 workers are using supposedly identical PC's with Windows XP Pro and same service pack. All print to same HP laser printer. 5 of the 6 print fine from the FM9 database and all their other standard apps. 1 person can print from standard apps (i.e. Word, Excel, Entourage) but CANNOT PRINT from the FM9 database at all.


Some additional info. Scripted print buttons do not work for her, nor can she print manually from the FILE menu while in FM9. This is true for the shared database others are merrily printing from without problems. This is also true from any sample database with just 1 or 2 sample records.


Actions taken so far:



I haven't been there in person to do this, but the IT guy at the department (seems to be very competent) has, at my suggestion, uninstalled and re-installed the FM9 app. Still no printing. Also deleted printer, re-installed printer driver and "added" printer. Still no printing.


He can print successfully from her PC if he logs in as "administrator". He also can print successfully if he logs in as any of the other users (with lower level privileges) on her PC. He insists the privileges are the same for the 1 troublesome user as they are for the successful users. That is, FM is "unblocked" in Windows. I did ask him to setup a new user account and try to print from FM in that new account to see if that works however, he'd prefer to not do that for whatever reason.


Am I missing something here or is the best approach to just reconstruct this user's account in Windows to get around this niggling printing problem? Appreciate anyone's suggestions here.