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    On a LAN, 1 User Cannot Print, 5 Others Can



      On a LAN, 1 User Cannot Print, 5 Others Can


      Stumped on this one.


      I have a client with a simple FM9 database on a PC network at a university where all 6 workers are using supposedly identical PC's with Windows XP Pro and same service pack. All print to same HP laser printer. 5 of the 6 print fine from the FM9 database and all their other standard apps. 1 person can print from standard apps (i.e. Word, Excel, Entourage) but CANNOT PRINT from the FM9 database at all.


      Some additional info. Scripted print buttons do not work for her, nor can she print manually from the FILE menu while in FM9. This is true for the shared database others are merrily printing from without problems. This is also true from any sample database with just 1 or 2 sample records.


      Actions taken so far:



      I haven't been there in person to do this, but the IT guy at the department (seems to be very competent) has, at my suggestion, uninstalled and re-installed the FM9 app. Still no printing. Also deleted printer, re-installed printer driver and "added" printer. Still no printing.


      He can print successfully from her PC if he logs in as "administrator". He also can print successfully if he logs in as any of the other users (with lower level privileges) on her PC. He insists the privileges are the same for the 1 troublesome user as they are for the successful users. That is, FM is "unblocked" in Windows. I did ask him to setup a new user account and try to print from FM in that new account to see if that works however, he'd prefer to not do that for whatever reason.


      Am I missing something here or is the best approach to just reconstruct this user's account in Windows to get around this niggling printing problem? Appreciate anyone's suggestions here.

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             are you using fmp accounts and privileges?
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               Yes, good question to pose. The account for the user who is unable to print uses the same FM privilege set as the users who can print.
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                 Can she login on the other users PC and Print then?
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                Hello RayMentor,


                Let my start by saying it does sound like it is a problem with the user account and not FileMaker, however there are a few questions I would like to ask.


                When the user is clicking on a scripted print button or manually going to File > Print, does an error message come up or is nothing happening at all? If there is an error message, would you be able to post it?

                I would also suggest checking HP's website to see if that printer has a PCL5e driver and if so, set it up on the problem machine.

                Is this specific user account setup for roaming profiles or is it a local system account?


                I believe the fastest resolution would be to create a new user account for the machine.




                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  I've been told that "nothing happens" and there are no error messages when user tries to print from FM either via File > Print or via script that includes print command.  I believe the user account is local not roaming, but I'll have to verify that.


                  I'll see if there's an PCL5e driver for the printer. My instinct is to setup a new user account on the machine as you suggested and see if that fixes it.  I'll have to relay this to the IT guy at the university as I'm unable to get there soon and no remote access has been provided for me.  Thanks for your ideas on this. We'll see if it works out.

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                    IT guy just emailed me that even in a new user account, he cannot print from Filemaker at this user's PC. He tried scripts in the solution that I had developed and from simple File > Print step as well. Print job never goes to the queue. 


                    Very strange. Again, other users on this LAN are fine. Other scripts without a print command work fine for the one user still unable to print.  Scratching heads here.) He said he's using a PS driver for the HP laser.


                    Any other ideas?  Would simply reinstalling the FM app make any difference? 

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                      I can't print, is a relatively common problem.

                      I can't print can be broken down in many processes / steps.

                      I can't print a document.

                          Could be corruption of that document.

                          I can't print from a new document in the same program.


                          I can't print from any program. TEST with a simple non platform (microsoft) app.

                          Your examples of programs that DO print were all MS apps.

                          I can't print from this user.

                          TEST print from non printing app on new user.

                          Has a known good network cable been tested? 

                          Has a known good network connection (wall jack) been tested? 


                          Can the Affected User LogOn to a different machine and print?


                          Has any monthly maintenance been done? CCleaner? or similar?


                      User and Network printing.

                         Does the print job go to the printer? OR go to a print server with USER designated access?

                         Are the affected and unaffected users on the same router / network?

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                        Hello RayMentor,


                        As davidanders mentioned, what happens if the problem user logs on to another FileMaker user's machine and then opens the database with their own credentials and tries to print?


                        The reason I previously suggested using the PCL5e driver is because it uses an older version of PostScript, and we have seen it resolve many printing issues. I would still recommend giving this step a try.




                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Thanks for all the comments.  Here's the current status. Still unresolved, but at least we've eliminated some of the questions;)


                          Problem began when user got a new PC. To review, the problem is printing from Filemaker. Printing from other applications is fine.  She is the only 1 of 6 users in the department experiencing the problem. Specially, the problem user cannot print at all from either the Filemaker departmental database or any sample Filemaker database; scripted print buttons and manually invoking the File > Print from FM result in nothing appearing in Windows print queue and no printer output.  It's a Konica laser printer. All 5 of the other users on the LAN are using XP and version 9 of FM without any printing problems. It's been ascertained that the problem user CAN print successfully by logging into her Windows account FROM ANOTHER PC.


                          Relative to the PCL5e driver suggestion, I received the following from the IT support at the university:

                          "I have already re-installed the application to no effect and the printer is a Konica so using HP drivers won't work. I could see if there are PCL drivers available for the Konica, but I doubt there are since this printer is designed for proper print production where PostScript is the norm."


                          I can push him and/or find out the model number of the printer and do the research for an alternate driver myself. However, it's suspicious that he determined that creating a completely new user account on the troublesome PC and trying to print from there, he experiences the same printing problem the user has been having. Yet, printing from the troublesome Windows user account ON ANOTHER PC solves the problem. 


                          So, it leads me to suspect that there's something different at the system level of this new PC's Windows XP installation from that of the other 5 PC's that are not having FM printing problems. IT guy claims all 6 PC's are using the same printer drivers and same service pack, etc. on the XP installation.

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                            Got a message from the problem user indicating that, on the problem user's PC, when another staff logs onto their own account and tries to print from FM, they too have the same printing problem. That is, if B user is fine on B's PC and they came to A's PC where A is having printing problem in FM, B experiences the same problem as A, event though B is logged onto B's account on A's PC. Here's her quote:


                            I totally logged off and Deb logged on to my computer, opened Filemaker and tried to print….she had no luck printing at my computer. 

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                              can you pause the print que on the users pc, print fmp, and see if a doc has been placed in the print q.


                              also, check the firewall on the problem users pc... if it is not windows firewall it may have application level settings.


                              let me know how you go 

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                                   Don't have remote access to the university so it'll have to wait until Monday, but thanks much for the ideas. We'll see.....
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                                     Nothing ends up in the print queue of the problem users PC.
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                                       how about firewall?
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