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On Enter script trigger, triggers after modify

Question asked by ianmanning on Jun 3, 2015
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On Enter script trigger, triggers after modify


FMPro Advanced, standard and server 13

I have a Pop up Menu in a portal.

The menu has 10 possible values, for easy understanding I will call the 1,2,3...10 but they are actually text, Selected, reserve, invited, accepted...

If I change the value from 1 to 2, 3,5,8 I want something to happen but if I change from 3,4,5 to 1 I want it to do nothing (except change the value)

to achieve this I tried using a script trigger to set a variable on enter, hoping to get the current value then another script trigger on modify to check the variable against the new value.

when I run this and click on the pop up the on enter script does not run until I select a new value, then it will run followed by the on modify script however the field value has now changed and the previous value lost.

Any Ideas?