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On Invoices, how to reflect different deposits/balance due dates.

Question asked by SallyLee-Duffy on Nov 25, 2012
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On Invoices, how to reflect different deposits/balance due dates.



     I am pretty new to Filemaker and need some help!

     Below is what I have currently got set up:

     Bookings Layout, the deposit due date for the invoice is set automatically from the booking date to 6wks after and the balance is set automatically for 6wks before arrival date. But what I found is that sometimes I need to set different options due to people booking the product less than 6wks before their arrival, so currently I have just set up different scripts and Invoices to deal with this but it is a bit of a faff!

     What I would like to do is the following:

     On the bookings layout, Set the Deposit Due field to a choice of "Yes or No", if Yes this automatically sets the Date Deposit Due field on the Bookings Layout to 6 wks (as it is currently), if No, it sets it to blank or No.

     Then on same layout, Set the Balance Due field to a choice of "1wk, 2wks, 3wks, 4wks, 5wks & 6wks" (these are all basically calculations of the arrival date minus the amount of days before arrival that I want them to pay by) Once chosen one of these, it will then reflect the exact Date Balance Due in the relevant field.

     I have currently got a Contacts Layout that I use before the Bookings Layout, I had thought about placing these boxes there but then if one client has more than 1 booking, it woudln't work. I also have a Booking Details Layout, which is where all the hidden stuff lies so could place these fields there, just need to know to make them work with the right options.

     I tried to do tick boxes for the Yes and No but then couldn't figure out how to get the info through to the next layout.

     Any help and guidance would be much apprieciated, I am sure that it is very easy but I can't seem to figure this one out as not very good with formulas yet!

     Many thanks,