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    On line data input



      On line data input


      I've never used filemaker before and need to know whether it can handle the specific means of input that I need.


      Perhaps someone can confirm that this will work.


      I am building a database locally that will include information from customers that have problems with their orders.  Data will be entered into this database from information collected during a phone call; additional data will be entered locally at various times as order problems are investigated and solved and replcement orders are shipped.


      We deal with thousands of orders and a smallmber have minor problems.  Because of the nature of our business it would be convenient to have customers enter their initial order problems and related data directly into an online copy of the data entry form.  Internally we would then be able to add data as problems are solved.


      As I understand the help file in Filemaker pro 10, this can be done.  What I am uncertain of is that if one individual fills out an online form (with restrictions as to which fields can be used), can a second or third or more individual(s) open and complete an online form at the same time.  Presumably they'd all be using a guest account or multiple simultaneous guest accounts, but can multiple guests access an online form (different copies of the form) simultaneously?  Can multiple guest accounts exist simultaneously?  If they can, can the be accessed at the same time?  I presume that once data has been entered and the online form closed, the only changes that can be made would be by the database administrator.  We would also want the database to alert us to the existance of a new online entry into the database.


      We'd appreciate any input from forum members.





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          MIke Hilson:


          Thank you for your post.


          I was hoping other forum members would chime in on this one, as you may think an answer coming from FileMaker, Inc. would be biased.


          In any case, FileMaker Pro comes with Instant Web Publishing.  This allows you to share your database over the web with five simultaneous users.  For more users, you would need FileMaker Server.


          Yes, up to five people can use the same guest account and access only certain fields.  Since this is all being accessed from the same database file, another FileMaker Pro user can also access the file, and depending on the access privileges, add to the record, enter completion date, etc.


          You can also create scripts that will email you (or a set of people) when a new record is created.


          If you want clarification on any of the above topics, please let me know.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Maybe you should set up an account on NeoCode Software and test your database (assuming it is ONE database).




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              i've personally created a database for a company that has its registrations done online, they wanted them to come directly into the database, depending on how skilled your web developer is, its not too difficult, this is what i did, this only works on mac though


              1) every time a problem is arisen and entered on a form on the webpage, have it put the information into a .csv file to store all the values, its possible to design the form so that if the csv file is not there, it will be created

              setup a script in filemaker to perform the applescript step below and setup an an FTP program (fetch works with apple script perfectly, u can just record the actions),

              2) record the ftp program logging into the ftp server, and copying the file onto your desktop then deleting it off the ftp server
              3) setup a script that performs the importing of the .csv file into the database

              4) run another apple script to delete the .csv file off your desktop


              its a bit of a hairy way around it, but my client runs a childrens program with over 1000 kids, registrations comming in all the time, this handles all the registrations and brings them straight into the database

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                   Had you used XML instead of .cvs, you could have imported the data directly from the served file - and on any platform.