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On Start Up

Question asked by Snozzle's on Dec 28, 2012
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On Start Up





     I have a problem that's been annoying me for some time now.


     Basically, I have an "On StartUp" script that I trigger when the user opens the datafile ... "OnFirstWindowOpen" I wish I could run my script before "OnFirstWindowOpen" but I can't.  And the "On Start Up" script puts the user on a specific layout / size THAT I NEED to have priority.


     The only problem, Filemaker for some reason, opens with my largest layout size for a split second.  Long enough to make the database look unprofessional, instead of looking to the script and holding the layout view until it's called ... Why can't I have that ???


     Now I've pushed the layout to the Top of the Layout Manage window, I've opt in on the Layout in the On Start Up File Option in Filemaker where it says "Switch to layout" ...


     I don't want to switch to anything, I want my "ON START UP" script to be in control when the datafile opens / starts and the layout I specify length and width FIRST, not what FILEMAKER defaults to if I'm going to guess that is what is happen, then the On Start Up script runs on "OnFirstWindowOpen".  Filemaker is ignoring my last layout which I force my use to to exit the application and it is the layout I need my user to be on first when openning the file.


     I force my user to navigate to the Navigational layout where I have a button "Quit" to quit the application.  But when I reopen the file, the Navigational Layout size is ignored. and my largest layout size is displayed.  This driving me insane.  Any help here. 


     What is happening ??? I sure would like to know.  


     I want my NAVIGATIONAL layout to take precedence NO MATTER WHAT FILEMAKER WANTS TO DO.  So how do I do that ??