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On Timer script in PAUSED FIND mode

Question asked by bbolsm_1 on Apr 30, 2010
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On Timer script in PAUSED FIND mode


I am trying to get a layout to return after a specified time to another one. Here are the basic steps:


  1. in layout A, hit a button script (X) that leads to layout B and presents the user a field to enter a query in the FIND mode (paused)
  2. if the user walks away (120 seconds idle time), automatically switch back to layout A
  • I installed an On Timer script on layout B that triggers a script OnLayoutLoad to switch back to layout A after 120"
  • the layout trigger is enabled for Browse and Find
  • however, the layout stays in the FIND mode (paused) and the On Timer script seems not to run
  • the debugger of FMPA just shows me the PAUSED FIND script, but not the On Timer script, so I assume that it was not triggered
  • I disabled and enabled stepwise the script steps and seem to have identified the problem with the PAUSE option ?!?
Any advice ?
Thanks and regards
FMPA 10.0v3
MacOS X 10.6.3
Application not shared (local)