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On Timer Script OMG!

Question asked by AndyCohen on Apr 15, 2009
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On Timer Script OMG!


I appologize if someone already gushed about this... I looked everywhere on this forum and could not find anything...


The new "On Timer Script" script command.... WOW!   

At first glance no big deal...  it's a timer which fires off another script given a timer interval...   BUT when I tried to use it I find that this command is actually as profound an addition as script triggers are...

After you invoke it, it does not pause, nor does it stop anything else from happening... in essense FM Inc has given us the ability to do things without loops! Yet still quite controllable...i.e., interruptable.

My current app uses it to fire off a timer which the user needs to calc secs during an execrise routine...   While it's doing the timing the user can still do whatever they want within the app and the timer does it's thing... until they stop it...

FilemakerPro 10 is a fully event driven, contextual relational database in a league of it's own.


I promise lots of segments in the podcast about this new jewel!