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    On-Line Educational Application on FM


      On-Line Educational Application on FM


      Does anybody knows of a good On-Line Educational Application written in Filemaker ?

      I need to design a package for a client that offers scholarship tracking and education for

      students and Mentors and would like to go on-line.


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          Ah, yes, the Old On-Line Educational Application. You can learn alot.
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            wht,s ur ques?

            By the way this is a simple concept,just go through FMP and f u hv some doubts then keep in touch.

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              It is not easy to create such a software because it has lots of details and to make it really interactive is very difficult to accomplish.

              You allow a teacher to create the material, include videos, include tests (pre- and Post testing of each chapter, etc..)

              Then come out with a record for each student and keep track of the grades and block him from taking the same course again.

              You can have many children comming from many districts on the same state. You can have many teachers posting their material and the dispatch of videos eat up the bandwith very easy.

              If there is some platform that already exists and can be rented or purchased this will be prefereable but must be tested first to see the actual speed and capacity it can handle.

              We need to create also a complete school managmente system, with children, classes, teachers, grades, tracking absence, etc...



              Francisco Renta

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