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    Once Again Google Maps Embeds Generate iFrame Error



      Once Again Google Maps Embeds Generate iFrame Error


      Once again Google Maps has changed something that is now causing embedded maps in FM Web Containers to generate an iFrame error when viewed in an FM client. I think this is my third or fourth round of dealing with this over the past couple years. Oddly enough it never seems to impact users coming from WebDirect but does break it in FM clients.

      The last working version was https://maps.google.com/maps/embed?t=h&output=svembedmfe&iwloc=0& [fill in the rest].

      Has anyone figured out a working version to deal with the latest change?

      FYI, I'm working in FM14 now and no luck. So much for hoping FM14 would make this easier to deal with.

      I made a bug report at FM14 Mac Google Maps Embed Generates iFrame Error - Works in WebDirect