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One category of join records has disappeared from portals

Question asked by MichelleMcGee on Feb 28, 2015
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One category of join records has disappeared from portals


I have a many-to-many pk/fk setup with a join table.  

I did something a few days ago in a layout design I think that affected a different layout.  I am no longer able to see a certain category of joined records when I do a generic related-record portal.   It's true on more than one layout, but not all. 

Where can I look that I haven't already?  I figured I snuck in a filter where I didn't mean to, but I've checked all of the relationships and value lists and can't find any.  

I tried deleting the portal and starting over.  I've had it happen more than once that redefining portal contents can be impossible to get to display correctly until the original field is deleted and reinserted.  In this case since that didn't work I redid the entire portal.  Still, one category of joins is missing. 

Just thought I would float the issue out there in case it's more than a troubleshooting issue, or someone has an idea where else to look.