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    One Click Open PDF file



      One Click Open PDF file


      Basically I have a suppliers database, and I want to add the PDF price lists to each supplier.

      So is it possible to have a button that when you click will open that specific supplier price list?

      As well will other users be able to open the price list from there computer as it will be on mine?

      The only way I have tried so far is 'open url' but still it doesn't really one click open? 

      Many thanks

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          On the basis that one supplier has one price list, you can set up a container field to hold the PDF.

          Add this field to the layout you wish to have it appear on and make sure it's the correct size to be able to read.

          On the Inspector, Data>>>Optimize for>>>Interactice contect (PDF etc) & start playback automatically.

          This should make the PDF appear when you flick through the supplier records.

          If you want this on a button, do everything above but create a large enough popover first and put the container field in the popover.


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            Thanks for your help Stu412. 

            I'm quite new to FM so can I ask what you mean by a popover?


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              While editing a layout, if you goto Insert>>>Popover Button, this will add a button and show an open popover on the screen which can be resized.  It's a function designed to show more information without blinding the user with detail when they first land on the layout. They're used a lot on iPad layouts due to the smaller screen size, but they've got a place on desktops as well.

              The user clicks the button, the popover appears (think of it as a pop-up if that helps translate!) and they should be able to view the PDF.  

              The best thing to do is give it a try and you'll soon see how it works and whether this or a field which is always on display is the right solution for you. smiley