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    One click PDF open.



      One click PDF open.


      I would like to create a button that opens a PDF file. The solutions I've seen in this forum involves putting the PDF inside a container field and setting up a "export field to file" command. I don't want to see the dialog box, asking me where to save the file and how to name it, every time, nor the "replace?" question when I do it again.

      Is there a way to do it?

      Cezar Mesas

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          In OS X, I can right-click on an interactive container and choose "Open with Preview."  Unfortunately, on other users' machines where Acrobat is installed, "Open" isn't among their options.  Another fine reason to stay away from Acrobat, if I may editorialize.  I also don't know what options exist in Windows when you right-click.

          Anyway, if you can't right-click to open it, the only solution I've seen involves exporting field contents to the temporary path (see Get(TemporaryPath) and using variables in the export path) and including the auto-open option on that export.

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            The scripted method Dillik describes will open your file with one click and no dialogs as you have specified.