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    One customer, multiple purchases how



      One customer, multiple purchases how


      Ok, I've got a working invoice (isn't this addictive?).  I have a CUSTOMER table (Cust ID, etc...), an ORDER Table (Cust ID, Order ID, Order Total), ORDER LINE (Order ID, Product ID, Qty, Ext Price), INVENTORY (Product ID, Desc, Price).  Relationships are set as: 


      CUSTOMER::Customer ID ------<ORDER::CUSTOMER ID




      I have a layout called customer which has the customer information and a portal with related records from ORDERLINE.  This works so far and everything is matching up.  What I'm realizing that I need is to separate the customer so that I can add a different invoice to the same customer.  Since each customer can have different purchases on different days, how can I set up a layout so that the customer stays the same, but allows the creation of a different 'portal' of purchases/records.  Right now I have a 'create a record' button on the customer layout to create a new purchase but it requires the entering of the customer data again creating two customers with two different 'purchases'.  Am I making sense?