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One field = another doesn't work.

Question asked by DanDow on Aug 26, 2011
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One field = another doesn't work.



My workflow is that I import a tab delimited text file and I have a calculation field that is simply:

Company_Description = Set_up #

Set_up # is from the outside TDT import and I just want my Company_Description field to parrot it but nothing shows up in the Company_Description field even though there is a text value in the Set_up # field after import.  There are other fields in the document that do work, however.  For example, the document has a Description field.  This calculation...

Company_description = Description  Can anybody help?  Is there any reason a calculation field set to have a text output might not work with a text field?  Could this be a relationship problem?  I'm stumped as to why I canot get this one field to copy into my field but I can get others to do it from the same document.

Thanks! Smile