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    One field that displays text and currency



      One field that displays text and currency


      FMP 10 on MAC

      Is there a way I can have one field that accepts both text and numbers but when numbers are entered the field automatically adds a "$" before the number and forces two decimal points?  I can make the field a number field and take care of this by using formatting but then the field will not display any text that is entered into the field.  Does this make sense?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Make two fields, one for the text part and one for the number part. It's always better to split data chunks, because taking apart is complicated but combining is easy. You never know what calculations will be created in the future that use only the number and what if someone has entered "Number 2" in the text part...

          For displaying purposes you could make a calculation that concatenates the two fields, but for the case of the number formatting I'd suggest you place a textblock with mergefields on the layout, if needed formatted as a field.