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One more question!

Question asked by JustinSmith on Apr 16, 2013
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One more question!


     Thanks for the help with my other question - it was solved beautifully.

     I am having trouble doing one last function that I find to be quite imperative.  I need to be able to see how many residents I have assigned to each rotation by block.  For example:

                    Intern:                     Block 1                     Block 2
                    John                     MICU                     ED
                    Jane                     MICU                     Elective
                    Interns Assigned by Block:                                            
                    MICU                     2                     0
                    ED                     0                     1
                    Elective                     0                     1

     (In my setup Interns would be referenced on a Interns:::Name and the names of the rotations would be on Rotations::Rotation but both are viewable from the Interns Schedule table)

     I was hoping to have this all appear in one table like above (only there are ~50 interns, 13 blocks and 17 distinct possible values for our rotations) but I keep getting 0 whenever I try to use the Count function for each field (Block 1, Block 2, ...)

     I origionally tried using the "New Report" feature to build a table to display this like I did for vacation requests and several other aspects of the database, but the output is unusable.  It lists dozens of empty rows and doesn't seem to count beyond Block 1.

     Any thoughts?