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    One one record shows ups in the portal



      One one record shows ups in the portal


      I am creating a portal to show a list of a caregivers payments and payment dates. Why is it that only ONE record is displaying in the portal. What is the error in the relationship? I know I'm new at this but I believe this could work well for me. I do have the portal in a tab, so that I can see the caregivers payments from this year and then next year on the same layout. The attached screenshot is to show you as much information as I can on the database tables, relationship, etc. Please help!


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          If your Portal is based on "Joyce Details" I would expect to see only one record in that portal. Is that what you have set up?

          It would appear that you have your kp and kf fields reversed in your relationship. If you want many "details" records to show in the portal, you need a unique ID (I recommend an auto-entered serial number) in Joyce Wilson linked to a number field in Joyce Details.

          And it looks like you are attempting to set up a different table for each Care Giver. That will be extremely inefficient. It would be better to set up a single CareGiver's table in place of the many individual tables each named after a different care giver.

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            "Joyce Details" table has  I be lieve 19 records, and yes I want ALL the records to show up. The reason for the different tables is this: I have 3 different caregivers with different payments dates, different work hours and different pay scales. One is salaried, one is hourly pay and one is monthly. So do you still suggest one table for that?

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              Yes, in most cases, you should have one table for all care givers.

              If you want all details to show in the portal, you will need to make the change that I mentioned in my last post: The unique identifier field needs to be defined in the CareGiver table and linked to a simple number field in the details table.

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                I would agree with Phil, re: "kp" is generally used for the "table's id (in its own table)" and "kf" is used for a "other table's id (in my table)". 

                I noticed you have turned on "Delete related records in this table when a record is deleted in the other table", in the "Joyce Wilson" table; which I assume is the "person" in a "People" table (which is what I'd name it).* That means that if you Delete a "details" table's record, FileMaker will Delete the person :-! Normally one you put the "Delete" options the other way around; it which case FileMaker would, if you deleted a "person", it would delete all the "details" of that person. [ It is common that the "Allow creation" and "Delete" would be on opposite sides of the relationship; as you which to "create multiple detail records" for a "parent table's record".]

                About the "payment", it is true that you'd need to figure out things somewhat differently for the types (salaried, hourly, and monthly). For each you'd need a calculation to produce the result. However, what you're not considering is that FileMaker can do all three within the same calculation. It would look something like (vaguely writen :-):
                Case (
                'salaried type'; calculation for that type;
                'hourly type'; calculation for that type;
                'monthly type'; calculation for that type

                You could create the calculation for each separately (as you would with your method). Then, ones you know each works, put them together in a calculation with all three. 

                Yes, the above seems like more work. But combining the single calculation types into one calculation only requires that you have a way to know which is which (such as your "payperiod"?).

                If you do this with multiple tables you will need to do multiple layouts, fields, etc.. Then, when you want to produce a "report" on this data, you'll have problems.

                P.S. This could almost be a "6 of one, half-dozen of the other"; but I'd try very hard (and also get help if needed) to do the "people" and "payments" as the 2 tables.

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                  Not quite sure I understand the meaning for one table for the caregivers given the previous information. So are you saying that the PRIMARY KEY FIELD should be in the CAREGIVERS table? And then the FOREIGN KEY in the Details Table of the individuals? See screenshot. So far that's not working either. In fact, I'm not more confused...

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                    You can't just change the field definitions, you have to also update the values in the fields of your existing records. If the value of _kp_joyceID doesn't exactly match the value of _kf_JoyceID, a portal to Joyce Details placed on a Caregivers based layout will not show that record. Joyce, Addus and Korinne would each be one record in the CareGivers table instead of three separate tables.

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                      First of all I do appreciate your patience. I am knew at this and used to "catch on" pretty quickly, but Filemaker does have me stumped on this. Right now I want to just concentrate on ONE Caregiver's portal and maybe I can do the other suggestions. Look at the attached screenshot and tell me what corrections I need to make-mistakes I made, etc. to get this thing working. I'm hoping to be set up for 2015. Please hang in there with me. The point of this response is that I made the change to the ID fields, but I still see only one record in the portal. Please advise. Thanks so much for your help on this.

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                        I am afraid that I have to repeat my last post. Simply redefining match fields and your relationship do not mean that records will automatically be matched in a relationship. The VALUE of those fields is what determines what record in Joyce Wilson will match to records in the  Joyce Williams payment details table. And the value of your match fields in your two tables are something that I cannot see in your screen shots as you did not include that information.

                        You need to check the values of the field JoyceWilson in the JoyceWilson table and compare them to the values of the ID field in the JoyceWilson payment details table. The ID field shown in the lower left corner is the ID field from JoyceWilson and not currently a match field used in your relationship. (And it's a good thing as that field is currently empty.)

                        An auto-enter serial number setting inserts a serial number into each new record at the time it is created. It does not enter a value in to this field for any records that were created prior to this field being added to the table. Any such records would need to be updated with the Replace Field Contents Tool that you can select from the Records menu.

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                          Well, I got so confused that I thought the best thing was to start over from scratch. So I have the portal working for Joyce. But now comes the part that I have to add the other caregivers for this year and next year. I am attaching a "final layout screenshot" and I include the other details so that you can make some final comments. I think at last I'm on my way. the screenshot of the layout is what I was aiming for: each layout would show a separate caregiver's details. So far I have re-started with only ONE caregiver in this new file. I will upload 4 JPGs for your comment/review to see if I'm finally on the right track.

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                            Not sure if this got posted-final layout

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                              But there's no reason to have separate layouts for each care giver. That can work, but complicates your use of the database and greatly increases the work needed to apply future changes.

                              In your CareGivers table add a field for the care giver's name. Create three records in that table, and enter a different name for each. By changing or finding records on the Care Giver's layout, you will be able to see different "details" records appear in your portal. Should you in the future need to add another care giver, you do it by adding a new record to the CareGiver table instead of adding two new tables and a new layout to your database--which would be quite a bit more work.

                              Keeping the data all in these two tables also means that you have the option of generating a report that combines "Details" data from all your care givers in one report.

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