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One or Two Database Files...Runtime...Server...Yikes

Question asked by heath on Oct 1, 2012
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One or Two Database Files...Runtime...Server...Yikes



     I would be very interested to here some opinions on the best way to get started on a major project.  I am producing a database for a company that has two divisions.  One being Quality Control and the other being Warranty.  The two divisions work closely together as their names would suggest.  My question is this.  The company wants to get setup on FMP server with about 4-5 users to start with and growing from there.  I would like to make this database a standalone run-time application so each user does not require a copy of fmp.  Secondly, should I make one giant database, or break it down into two, one for each department.  Thirdly, is it a simple process to produce reports from one or the other database containing information from both database files?

     Am I thinking along the right path or have I lost it somewhere?