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One PC Can't See Database on Server

Question asked by RonCates on Jan 17, 2011
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One PC Can't See Database on Server


Hi All. I have Filemaker Server 10 setup and running in our small office environment. There are 6 PCs running FMP 10 (one is advanced) and 3 more running FMP11. When I added the 3 FMP11 machines I installed the 30 day trial version while we made arangements to purchase the licensing. There were some delays in getting them so the 30 day trials ran out. When I did get the licenses I uninstalled the trials and installed the full version. 2 out of the three worked fine. The other is unable to see the database file on the server. In open remote I can see the server IP and select it but the available files side does not show the dtabase file. If I type it in it still fails to connect. I stumped as to why it worked before the reinstall but not after. Any idea?