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One People Table - Need to Filter people by Label

Question asked by brianquillin on May 14, 2012
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One People Table - Need to Filter people by Label


I have one People table.  Each Person will be assigned a "label" via a field called "label".  (currently the three labels are "Board Member", "Parent", and "Patron")

On my People Layout (based on my People TO); I need to be able to ASSIGN people to those certain people labeled as "Board Members".  I want a pull down list showing only those people labeled as Board Members in the list.

I have tried several things (obvious failures since I'm posting here) and I've been chasing my tail for too long.

I have created a new TO called Board Members (based on People table) but I'm having difficulty with the proper structure of the relationship between the new BM TO and the PPL TO.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... (thanks in advance)