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one report, multiple tables

Question asked by calebmiranda on Oct 7, 2013
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one report, multiple tables


     Hi. I'm new to filemaker and what I really want is to know if it is capable of doing what I need.


     I'd like to have multiple table for storing different kinds of information but, the point is, all this information is, at the same time, equal in some part. Let me explain with a Star Wars example:

     I'd like to have one table for, let's say, all the races from the Star Wars universe. In this table, I'd have each race listed with its corresponding fields, one of which is planet;

     In another table, I'd have all star wars weaponry. In this table, each weapon would have its fields, one of which is also planet.

     My problem is, I do not want to print a weapon table and a separate races table. Because I have tens of tables, and what I need is all the info, and I'd like to have it grouped by planets. So, when I look at Tatooine, I'd like to have all the info about Tatooine, without having to look all tables (eventually I'll print it in a book-like way).

     I know two solutions, each so far unsatisfactory:

     1. I could do one table, with multiple empty fields, and each record is a "unit of knowledge". That seems to suck

     2. As the idea is to have the report every now and then, I could do a script to run in each table which would, then, create a new record, in a table made just for the "final" report, with field being calculated and store in as few fields as possible (in a text-like way).


     I know this two things would, sort of, work. But what I really would love is to be able to print a report that sorted all my info from a field I choose, all this info being from various tables.