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One search for multiple tables

Question asked by ProETS on Jun 21, 2010
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One search for multiple tables


I am pretty new to filemaker so bear with me please.  I do not expect a complete solution but if someone can help me in the right direction maybe I can fill in the blanks.  I have a product catalog I am converting to a filemaker database.  I want an overall search field that would search the entire database so that someone could just type in what they want and get results.  I have used some of the google like search tutorials with sucess but my vision of what the DB needs to be doesn't seem to work.


So details, for simlicity I have 2 product types, Bolts and Clips.



Part Number - Like B123

Thread - Text Field (3/8, 5/16, etc)

Notes - Just a general field for details about what the part goes with



Part Number - Like C123

Thickness - Numeric

Width - Numeric

Notes - same as above


My current attempt:




Part Number



__Part Numberfk





__Part Numberfk





With this setup I am able to open the Bolts layout and create parts via a relationship so that the parts table contains all possible parts but the problem is that while I can search the Bolts layout, or the clips layout, I want to be able to search the Parts layout and display results from Bolts or Clips.  I tried creating a calculated field in bolts and clips both that was like "Thread:" & Thread but I can't get that field to show up on the parts table.


If I need to provide a sample database I can, any clues or links will be very appreciated as well as any ideas of what I could search for to find help.


Thanks again!