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One Table imported. now the second ??

Question asked by petrovlis on Jan 2, 2012
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One Table imported. now the second ??


I am new with FM pro adv 11 /OSwin7.

I managed to do a  "Open File (Excel) and got every field on the layout.

In this Table "Company" I have also all the different CompanyIDs  in LayOut.

In a second Excel file (for Products) to be imported,  I have also CompanyIDs and ProductNames


I need to make a kind of listbox, giving the products supplied by Company XXX, whioch pops up

For maybe  5  or 40 products whatever the link/relation is.

What to do....i, file, open, second file....... OR.. Import Records...?? and CompanyID= CompanyID.. ?

I have "Missing Manual/FMPro Bible", but cannot find between so many pages.

Thanks for any help.