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One to many in a report/layout

Question asked by meschj on May 11, 2009
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One to many in a report/layout


I'm a newbie to Filemaker, and have worked with databases but more on the data manipulation and less on the reporting.


I'm trying to create a report that provides a list of textbooks by course for students. 1 page per student.


I've got 3 tables of information:



-ID #




-student ID # (matches the similar field in students table)

-course #




-course # (matches the one in schedules table)

-course name



... (book2, price2, etc)


I have relationships defined tying the student ID # fields and then the course # fields.


I basically need the student name & ID number across the top. Then (for each course) the course name, course number, and teacher on a line, then immediately below the books and prices for that course.


I've played with leading and grand summaries, sub-summaries, and the body, and even portals, but can't seem to get all the courses to list for each student. All I get is the same information repeated down the page.


Any suggestions?