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One to Many Relationship

Question asked by FilemakerQuestion on Apr 13, 2014
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One to Many Relationship


     In one table i'd like to store the name of a play and all the roles that the play has, i.e

     Role 1
     Role 2
     Role 3

     In the next table each record is an event i.e the play referenced above but i'd like to store the names of the actors that played those roles. So Play 1, which it's name and Role 1 - Role 3 are stored in table 1. Table 2 will store the date of the play and the names of the actors i.e

     11/11/11 Henry (Role 1) Thomas (Role 2) Billy (Role 3)

     12/12/12 Smith (Role1) John (Role 2) Bertie (Role 3)


     I'd like then to produce a report which will show this, but I am having trouble working out how to structure the database to allow me to do this so the report shows the actors name represents each record in alphabetical order, i.e

     Bertie (Role 3)
     Billy (Role 3)
     Henry (Role 1)
     John (Role 2)
     Smith (Role 1)
     Thomas (Role 2)


     Really appreciate any help someone might be able to give me.