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    One to Many relationships



      One to Many relationships


      Hi guys,

      I'm sure this is going to be an easy one for you guys :-)

      I have a Client table and a Contract table. A single client can have many contracts.(one to many relationship, I can do that)

      How could I get to see only the Client related records when viewing the contracts?

      (in other words, if i'm viewing the client "Acme Inc.", I want to see only the contracts related to this client).



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          Option 1:

          Use a portal to Contracts on your clients layout to list all contracts records for that client.

          Option 2:

          Use a script that either uses Go To Related Records or performs a find to both change to the contracts layout and also pull up just the contract records related to that client.

          Your go to related records step might look like this:

          Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Contracts; Using layout: "Contracts" (Contracts)]

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            I think that should do the trick... Thanks :-)