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One to multiple linkage within layout

Question asked by RedL on Aug 14, 2010
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One to multiple linkage within layout


I have two tables. Customer and ShipTo.  Customer is linked with ShipTo by one-to-Multiple linkage.  For example Customer has "Apple" while ShipTo has "AppleWA", "AppleCA", "AppleJP" and "AppleUK".

Customer_Form layout shows record by record from Customer.  Everything is fine. And I would like to include "ShipTo" information on the Customer_Form.  On the Customer_Form, I have "ShipToName" field which is dropdown list from "ShipTo" table.  And I have fields for each "ShipTo" field on Customer_Form also.
How can I arrange the layout and linkage which can show different "ShipTo" record information on the layout when I select different  "ShipToName" from dropdown list?  Currently, nothing is changed except the ShipTo table ShipToName field is amended to new ShipToName I select.  It is not what I want.  I do not want to change the "shipToName" field content while I want to show new "ShipTo" record information on the layout and amend it.