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    One to multiple linkage within layout



      One to multiple linkage within layout


      I have two tables. Customer and ShipTo.  Customer is linked with ShipTo by one-to-Multiple linkage.  For example Customer has "Apple" while ShipTo has "AppleWA", "AppleCA", "AppleJP" and "AppleUK".

      Customer_Form layout shows record by record from Customer.  Everything is fine. And I would like to include "ShipTo" information on the Customer_Form.  On the Customer_Form, I have "ShipToName" field which is dropdown list from "ShipTo" table.  And I have fields for each "ShipTo" field on Customer_Form also.
      How can I arrange the layout and linkage which can show different "ShipTo" record information on the layout when I select different  "ShipToName" from dropdown list?  Currently, nothing is changed except the ShipTo table ShipToName field is amended to new ShipToName I select.  It is not what I want.  I do not want to change the "shipToName" field content while I want to show new "ShipTo" record information on the layout and amend it.


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          Your circled blue section on Ship To has one flaw ... none of those fields belong to your Customer table.  So when you select the ShipTo, it is actually changing your ShipTo Name (probably) in your ShipTo table.

          Your Customer table should have a 'primary ship to' ID.  You would attach your ShipTo value list (which should be conditional value list so only that customer's Ship To addresses appear in the drop-down list) to your Customer::PrimaryShipTo field.

          Once you select your Customer's primary ShipTo, all of the other fields in Ship To section will automatically display.  BTW, I hope you have CustomerID (unique, FM-Generated, auto-enter serial) and then each record in ShipTo would have CustomerID.