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One to one relationship - is it a problem?

Question asked by appt on Apr 12, 2014
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One to one relationship - is it a problem?


     So we have developed and deployed a solution to a local primary school. They have been using it for six months and they love it. 

     It records lots of data, test results, anecdotal notes etc about each child. Because there literally thousands of fields we split them into tables (reading, writing etc).

     Of course from a design point of view this is wrong as each child only has one set of data so it should all go in one table but that would have been impossible to work with (over. 1000 fields).

     it has not been a problem so far but I know potential is there to create a second record for a child. It is deployed on iPads so menus that allow add new record are locked off and as I say it has not been a problem in 6 months with 20 teachers.

     any thoughts? And is there a way to force a one to one relationship in the graph?