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one works but the other does not... Table relationships

Question asked by SkippDink on Nov 7, 2013
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one works but the other does not... Table relationships


     I'm Still Pretty new but I have a database with three tables organized as such


     with match fields being:

     Pricelist : item = Recipe_ingredients : Ingredient

     Recipe_ingredients : Recipe_id = Recipes : Recipe_id

     I use a portal to create recipes in my layout

     I have Recipes : Recipe_id set to auto generate a serial number and all ingredients in the portal successfully copy the value from Recipes : Recipe_id to Recipe_ingredients : Recipe_id using a setvariable script.

     The tables Pricelist and Recipe_ingredients also contain the fields "Ea" , "floz" and "#" I am able to populate these fields in table Recipe_ingredients using a lookup.

     this is all perfect.

     the problem fields are my yield and desired fields. 

     for each ingredient I add to a recipe in the portal i want it to copy these to pieces of information from the main recipes table for price calculating purposes but a lookup results in no match.


     is the problem my   ">---" (many to one?) relationship on the last two tables? how can I change that?

     also when I am adding data to my fields, the one with calculations do not automatically update as information changes or becomes available. first things first though.