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One-to-Many Movie Catalog:  Show One Record with Many Movies on One DVD?

Question asked by jdanniel on Jul 2, 2010
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One-to-Many Movie Catalog:  Show One Record with Many Movies on One DVD?


Hello everyone.

I am using FileMaker Pro 10.

I am really not very good when it comes to relational databases.  I can make flat-file ones in no time flat. Relational db’s?  No idea where to start.

So, I’m requesting, please, a little bit of help making a (hopefully) very simple one-to-many relational database.

I’ve made a flat-file version of what I want, and it works.  (I am using FileMaker Pro 10.)  But there is something I’d like to do, and I don’t think flat-file will permit this.  Let me please explain what I want to do.

I just want to make a catalog of my movies on DVD.  The only fields in the database are:

  1. Movie Title
  2. Single or Multi  (this field uses Radio Buttons)
  3. DVD Number

Here’s what Single or Multi means:  Some of the DVD’s have only one movie on them.  That is a Single DVD.  They do not require a DVD Number, because they will be sorted alphabetically.  (This is not to be confused with the Primary Key or an auto-generated serial number.  The DVD Number I hand-write on the actual disc.)

Some of the DVD’s have several movies on them.  That is a Multi DVD. 

It’s the Multi DVD thing that I want to deal with.  With the flat-file db I’ve created, I have to create separate records for each movie on a Multi DVD.  For example, if a Multi DVD has five movies on it, I need five separate records.  That’s not a big deal, but it does mean I have to look at, and print out, five records for one DVD.

I was wondering if there’s a way to create a one-to-many relational database that would permit me to display a record containing ALL of the movie titles on a Multi DVD. 

One DVD…many movies.  Right?

That way, I could call up one record, and see all of the titles on a Multi DVD without flipping through a bunch of records.

Can this be done?  Will it be over my head?  Or is it fairly basic?  Since the Multi DVD’s will not change or be updated, how necessary is it to go the relational route?  Should I go relational anyway?  Any advice or assistance will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!