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One-to-many relationship not working- fields to relate?

Question asked by iwrc on Jan 28, 2011
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One-to-many relationship not working- fields to relate?


Hi all,

I am having trouble setting up a one-to-many relationship in my database.

Here is where I am at, it is pretty straightforward: I am linking individuals in my "people" table to a "test" table that records several instances when they took the standard professional certification test. I want to use a portal on the "people" table that shosw each instance that they paid for and took the test on the "test" table.

Which fields should I link? Right now I have my primary key for each person (kp_person_id) linked to the foreign key in the test table (kf_person_id), but it is not functioning. Should I create a primary key in the person table for "test" and then create a foreign key counterpart within the Test table? Would I be able to create unique test results in each line of the portal?

Please let me know if you can help! I appreciate it.