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one-to-many, relationships

Question asked by JT on Oct 11, 2013
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one-to-many, relationships


     There are 7 options that seem to be join type. What do the options mean?

     The same question stated differently: This is in the Database > Manage > Relationships tab and when setting up a join, between the tables there is "=" and other options are <, >, x, etc. What do those symbols represent?

     A more fundamental question: how do I do a simply one-to-many join? The default seems to be a many-to-many join.

     I have tried to look around with 'join type' or 'one-to-many' and all I find in the KB is the 3 relational database entries and many-to-many entry. Nothing refers to the basics.

     I'm an access developer switching over, so I'm just trying to learn my way around the filemaker procedures to do what I've done in access (and mysql) previously. Go Mac.