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One-to-one relationship or filters?

Question asked by kevork on Dec 28, 2014
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One-to-one relationship or filters?


Hello. In my research project, I have to read a lot of articles, keeping details of them all, but selecting only  some for inclusion. I have a table for the articles, with citation details (author, title etc) and a field for the include/exclude decision. The next step is to have a table that has only the included articles so that I can then analyse them, using additional fields (attributes of the study).

I suppose the customary way to do it would be to have a view filtered by the include/exclude decision but I would like to keep the size of the table down and I am worried by accidentaI leakage of excluded studies. I am tempted to create the analysis table as a separate table with a one-to-one relationship for the sub-set of included. But how does one create a one-to-one relationship and transfer only selected records? In the past, I   have had two unrelated tables and exported records from one to the other but that is an inelegant solution, one has to do that every time a new article is included.