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    OnEnter Script Trigger HELP!



      OnEnter Script Trigger HELP!


      I've managed to install an OnEnter script on a layout that must be doing what I told it, but it must also be going back to the layout within the script. Therefore, I have created an endless loop.

      Of course the file loads and runs this every time now.

      Is there a way to start up a file in Layout mode instead of Browse mode so I can break this loop?

      I can't find anything in the Help or here by searching.

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          If you did not use Allow user abort in your script to prevent this, you should be able to halt the script by pressing the Esc key (windows) or by holding down Command-Period (Mac).

          If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can enable the script debuger, then open your file and now you can use the debugger to cancel the script so that you can get into layout mode.