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    OnFirstWindowOpen Trigger



      OnFirstWindowOpen Trigger



           I'm working in FileMaker Pro 11.1 and I don't have OnFirstWindowOpen available for selection.  What version do I need?



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               You should download the free updater to update to the latest release of FileMaker 11.

               In FileMaker 11 and earlier, you have the same option in File Options for performing a script when the file is opened. It's just not called a "script trigger".

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                 Yes, I found the File Option and attached my script there.  But my database sign-in STOPs being required.  I must have my users sign in to view specific record sets.  I need both a beginning script to run and verification of user/password.  Is there anyway to accomplish both?



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                   There are three settings in File Options for FMP 11:

                   1) Specifing an accoung name and password so that file is automatically opened with that password

                   2) Specifying script and layout for when file opens

                   3) Specifng a script for when file closes

                   You can select 2, without changing the settings for 1.

                   Leave the Log in Using check box cleared.