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onLoadLayout in Instant Web Publishing?

Question asked by Phaelix on Apr 27, 2009
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onLoadLayout in Instant Web Publishing?


Hi there,


  I'm trying to set up a searchable database of products on the company intranet, using Instant Web Publishing to make the database available.  All the basics are working fine, but I'm having some scripting dramas.


  Because the system is going to be used by people who are not necessarily familiar with databases, I want to make everything as simple as possible.  There's a Search layout which will be the default layout.  I have a script which puts it into Find Mode using onLayoutLoad- makes the whole arrangement unambiguous for first-timers.  


  Unfortunately, while this works great on my computer, it does absolutely nothing on the Instant Web Publishing interface.  I can create a button that switches the mode over, but that's kind of clunky.  Is there a way to make this happen without requiring extra user input?


Thanks in advance.