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only one portal row allows entry

Question asked by NanetteHartley on Jan 3, 2012
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only one portal row allows entry


We are running an analytical lab.  We get samples in to test for various things.  We never know what the samples will be, or what type they are, but need to record that information.  So, I have a  table called "Requests", and one called "Data Entry."  I have a portal on the Requests layout that shows data from the "Data Entry" table.  The link is Requests::Sample ID --> Data Entry::Sample ID.  It is set to allow the creation of records in the Data Entry table.  

Ideally, we would enter the information on the Requests layout, specifying the Requestor, the information on the job or project, and information about the samples.  We then need a Data Entry record for each sample.  I want to have most of the information that was entered on the request show on that Data Entry record, but don't want to have to enter it again. 


I several problems with my portal, all of which probably have the same source:

1.  the sample ID is supposed to be an auto-entered, serial number (it is defined this way on the Data Entry table, and the portal has that field on it).  It is listed as the first column in the portal.  It does not populate when the record is filled in for the rest of the data.

2.  No record is created in teh Data Entry table after entering data in the portal. 

3. After entering in information for the first portal row, I cannot enter anything into the other portal rows.


I know I have missed something really simple here, but can't for the life of me figure out what.  Thanks!