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    only one portal updates in a layout



      only one portal updates in a layout


      Dear All,

      Is there any way, by clicking a button only one portal should updated in a layout?


      for example


      I have a layout call Customer and there is a portal from table Queries to show all Queries related to that Customer


      How can I write my script by clicking a button all queres should be listed in the portal with status done?



      Please let me know if you want more details.




      Thanks in advance



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          Question: Are you wanting to filter the list of records in the portal so that only "done" records are visible or are you wanting all records in the portal to be updated so that their status is "done".


          I think you want to filter the portal.


          There's a way to do that by including a global text field that becomes part of the relationship between your customer table and your query table. You can click the advanced tab and search under keywords "portal" and "filter" for some other threads here where we set this up for some other folks or you can post a detailed description of the relationship and key fields that link your Customer and Queries tables here so we can step you through the process.

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            Thanks a lot for reply

            I want to filter the list of records in the portal so that only "done" records are visible


            I have three tables company, customer(contact) and Queries the relations are







            my portal is in Company layout 







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              I'm having major trouble posting this response. Try number 4:


              Here's a simple method for filtering your portal. I'm assuming that you want to view the records both filtered and unfiltered. 


              Define a calculation field in customer, StatusKey to return the following text: 


              Status & "¶All"  /* Status is my guess, use the name of your field that shows "done" if different */ 


              Define a global text field in Companies, gStatus. 


              In your relationships graph drag from Companies::gStatus to Customer::StatusKey to add this pair of fields to your portal relationship. If you use this relationship for other purposes where this change is not needed, create a new table occurrence of Customer, give it the same two pairs of key fields and update your portal setup to refer to this new table occurrence. 


              Your Portal should now be based on the following two pairs of key fields:

                       Company::CompanyID = Customer::CompanyID

              AND Company::gStatus = Customer::StatusKey 


              Place gStatus on your Company layout. If you enter "All" into it, you'll see all the customer records. If you select "done", you'll see all the customer records with a status of "done".  


              To finish this technique, I'd format gStatus with a value list of All and Done to make it simpler to use. You can expand this technique to filter for other values in status simply by adding those additional values to the value list.


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                Dear PhilModJunk,

                I did what you suggested it is working on my local machine when I upload the file to Filemaker Pro seraver 9 advance then I access the file using remote login it does not show any record with new relation. I put the value on global field befor uploading the database in the server.




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                  While global fields do behave differently in shared files, if you entered the value into the global before uploading to the server, the value should still be in the global field when you connect to it from a client machine.


                  In any case, does it work when you re-enter the value into the global?

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                    the globel field is still there but it doesn't filter ther queries,  the portal should show the queries  is empty even if I put the value " done" in globel field again.





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                      I can't conceive of any reason why this would work differently when the file is hosted. If you take the copy of the file you are hosting down off the server and open it directly with filemaker pro, does it work again?


                      I'm guessing it won't.

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                        Yes it works, if I take it off the server and open it on local machine. when I create the portal in the Conatact page it works fine in the server if I create portal in the company it doesn't work. does it make any different, I dont have a relation between company and Queries but I have relation between (Company, Contact) and (Contact, Queries). Does it make any different on the server. 





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                             Depends... What are your key fields in both of your relationships. Also please provide the type of fields that they are ( number, text, calc, global )
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                            key fields are



                            Contact::QueriesID = Queries::QueriesID


                            Queries::Status ≠ Contact::gStatus


                            gStatus is global field in Contact table and its value is "done"


                            all IDs are text field and Status is a text field too.



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                              Which is why I'm puzzled as to why it works on a single user file and not when you host it. They should behave the same.


                              If all else fails, you can send me a copy of the file. You can click my forum name to send me a private message and I'll send you and email where you can send it if you want.

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                                I've looked over your file and the field and relationships look correct. I could see a layout where one portal showed 2 queries in the "all query" portal and just the one query not marked "done" in the "not done" portal. I then uploaded the file to my server which is running FMS 10 and it worked as as expected.


                                Since gStatus is a global field, it may be that the field was empty at the time you uploaded it to your server. Globals behave differently when a file is hosted over the network. When the file is hosted, each user gets their own "virtual" copy of the global fields. Changes they make to a global field are not visible to other users. When the file is closed, the values in the file revert back to the values present when the file was last uploaded to the server and thus changes made by a client will not "stick".


                                Since you always want gStatus to contain the text "done", you can avoid this issue by defining it as a calculation field: "Done" and set the calculation to return "text".