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    Only see one record at a time



      Only see one record at a time


      I have the trial version and added three records to a file. If I try to list them on the screen I only see one at a time, and if I print I get only one record per page. What am I doing wrong? Other than that, it does everything I want.

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          There are three viewing options when in browse mode. View as Form, View as List and View as table.

          With View as Form, you see one record at a time. With view as Table, you see all records in your current found set, but arranged in a spreadsheet like arrangment of rows and columns that may not be what you want.

          View as list is a compromise between the two. You can see all records in your found set, but may need to scroll the window to see them as the design of your layout determines what each record looks like--it can be a table like view such as table view, a one record at at time "form" such as form view and many variations in between. It depends on how you design your layout.