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Only show records that fall within the next six months

Question asked by teclo on Jul 15, 2013
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Only show records that fall within the next six months


     I have a contact database of students where every student has a start date. I have then a simple calculated field of their estimated graduation which adds a number of days to the start date.

     Now I want to have a report that only displays the students whose graduation date is coming up within the next six months in order to plan ahead a bit. I had this all set up in Access but had to switch to FileMaker and I'm lost. When I try to use a find criteria in the script I saved from the report, it says that I have to enter a valid date (eg 2013/07/10), but I want to calculate it from the current date so that the script is always up to date. I can't get it to work with Get(CurrentDate) nor with the "//" function found under "insert operator".

     Should I even do this as a perform find in my script? or would it be better to use some sort of "if" function? I use FileMaker Pro. I guess my ideal script would be  something like GraduationDate < (Get(CurrentDate) + 180)