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onMouseover Dynamics and DHTML-like Drop Down Menuing in FMP 10

Question asked by shudder on Jan 6, 2010
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onMouseover Dynamics and DHTML-like Drop Down Menuing in FMP 10


Hi Folks --


I've been handed a project to replace a current PHP-based web system with an FMP 10 system.  The DBMS build will not be that tough -- it's sort of small potatoess and I've already built the ERD and am rolling along fine getting the system functioning -- but I note that the UI of the PHP web system includes some onMouseover dynamics, including a couple of DHTML Drop Down Menus that at first blush seems anathema to working in FMP (see the "Default Example" menu on this page -- it's about halfway down).  So it begs the question: Can I do this sort of UI tweak with FMP alone?  I am thinking I may know the answer already (no!), but someone here might have seen or figured out a way to do this?  Maybe?


To be more specific on what I am looking to do so that it is clear -- In the PHP system I am redoing you roll your mouse over some buttons at the top of the screen (looking somewhat like a tabbed UI in FMP) and of course they change colors as you rollover, but also the dynamic PHP scripting throws down a menu whenever any of the buttons has menu options to it.  See that example I linked above.  That's it.


Again, I am thinking you need to actually click into fields to get them to show a drop down menu in FMP, so it may all be a moot point.  Still, maybe someone has a creative answer?... 


Thanks in advance people.


-- Michael McClure 


P.S.  Oh, and if it can even be done, it is going to need to work with IWP.