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OnObjectEnter Script Trigger

Question asked by KevinElder on Mar 11, 2013
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OnObjectEnter Script Trigger


     I had done some research on highlighting the active portal row and followed everything in Setting the Current Record and Reflecting Its Status (which worked mostly). I need to be able to edit the fields in the portal row in addition to them being active, so I used the info towards the end, which included the OnObjectEnter script trigger. However, I am still on V9.0.3 (Windows), which does not appear to have the OnObjectEnter Script trigger. I created a button to make a row highlighted (and another for de-highlighting), but would really like to be able to have this be automatic (I was also going to incorporate the OnObjectExit script trigger). Is there another way to make this happen in 9 or am I stuck?

     I suspect I will need to upgrade to make this happen, but I wanted to check with the fine minds here. Thank you in advance for any input.