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OnObjectEnter script trigger for Popover Button

Question asked by tcmeyers on Aug 6, 2015
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OnObjectEnter script trigger for Popover Button


The FileMaker Pro 14 Help states that for the OnObjectEnter script trigger:

• Clicking a button, a popover button, or a panel control does not activate this trigger on the button or tab. Pressing Tab to navigate to a button or tab and make it the active object does activate this trigger.

Focusing on the Popover Button, I don't understand the reasoning for not having the OnObjectEnter script fire when you activate the Popover. If someone knows, please tell me. For me, I would like to have it fire so that a script can set things up supporting the contents of the Popover.  Since it's not a regular button, there isn't a script that you can select just because it was clicked. I had thought OnObjectEnter would do it, but no.

The workaround that I did is to make a regular button an put it over the Popover button, and have it do the setup steps and do a Go To Object [ Object name: "the popover name" ] to get the popover to open. This works but it seems kludgy.