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OnObjectExit Script Trigger in Portal

Question asked by FionaWilson on Jan 16, 2013
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OnObjectExit Script Trigger in Portal


     Hi Guys,

     Happy New Year! A new year and new filemaker problems to tackle!

     My problem involves an OnObjectExit Script trigger located on a field in a portal. The script and trigger works great, however, for some reason the script refuses to fire on anything except the first row added to the portal, regardless of how the portal is sorted. I need the script to trigger on the field no matter which row it is in, and preferably, to fire when the top row is exited.

     Hopefully my problem makes some sense. I've tried changing the sort order but that doesn't make a difference (it still only triggers on the first row added to the portal rather than the first one in the list).

     Any ideas?

     I'm going on leave tomorrow so please accept my apologies if I don't reply to your answers for a couples of weeks.